Here is the one and only C.S.B rider, Rob “Antwuan” Pfeiffer, showing off his Syracuse pride and Everson Love, with his official Eve neck tattoo, Not only is that dedication but THAT’S GANGSTA! But he is Antwuan Pfeiffer so he’s the most gangsta dude since Chris Grimes. Anyone got beef with Twuan Pfeif, your gonna end up catching his fade! You wanna catch his fade? Didn’t think so!

Usually I have some footage to go with our posts but I only have 4 clips of Rob and 2 of them are him singing Britney Spear’s “I’m A Slave 4 U” so enjoy these short YouTube clips of Twuan getting down

And I wouldn’t diss Rob for his love of Miss Spears or her music or a fresh fade is coming your way!

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